Busting Myths about the Cause of Acne

Many people are convinced they know exactly what causes breakouts. Unfortunately, the cause of acne isn't really fully understood or known in every case, but there are some good generalizations. There are, however, a whole lot of myths surrounding this condition that can plague everyone from teenagers to middle-agers.

To understand the real cause of acne in a person, it's best to have a handle on the myths first. It's not possible to seek the root cause if the myths are swirling around, blocking judgment as to what might be responsible for breakouts.

Let's take a look at some of the top things that have been blamed as being the cause of acne. None of these are accurate, but they are prevalent in the explanation market:

Chocolate. This is the No. 1 old housewives’ tale surrounding the cause of acne. There is no known connection between the eating of chocolate and the appearance of acne. While it's true some people might notice a breakout after eating chocolate, this food doesn't cause the problem across the board.

Greasy, fried foods. These too take a lot of the blame in many people's eyes as being the cause of acne. The fact is too many greasy foods aren't good for the entire body, but they aren't the sole blame for acne breakouts.

Lack of washing. This is a big one on the list of myths. The cause of acne isn't a lack of cleanliness, although this likely can't help overall appearance. The truth is acne-prone skin should be washed with care no more than twice a day unless excessive sweating has taken place in between, requiring a third or fourth washing. Even still, a very mild cleanser should be used or the washing itself could be the cause of acne or at least an exacerbation of it.

The real cause of acne can actually vary from person to person. Some of the best theories have acne pinned down to such things as heredity, hormones, medication reactions and even faulty pores, or hair ducts. These causes really have nothing to do with the top myths, so it's not necessary to forego chocolate or greasy foods forever to avoid a breakout.

While there isn't a definitive cause of acne, there are some very likely possibilities that can vary from case to case. Finding out what's causing a particular person's problem might not even be possible, but making an attempt can be important. If medicines, for example, are to blame, it's a good idea to find out and see if a change is in order. In most cases, the cause of acne will pass over time and the condition will clear up.

As a person wrestles with the cause of acne, there are some treatment myths, too, that should be debunked for proper care. These include such things as:

Sunlight. This isn't a cure, in fact, it can be a cause of acne. It's wise to avoid prolonged exposure whether acne’s present or not.

Popping is a good thing. Absolutely not! This might not be the cause of acne, but it sure can be the cause of acne scars. Don’t do it!

Excessive washing. This can make acne worse and even add to the potential for scars. It isn’t the cause of acne, but it’s sure not the cure either.

Finding the cause of acne might not be possible, but avoiding the myths and approaching the problem wisely can help with a cure or at least a viable remedy.

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