Adult Acne is a Fact of Life for Many People

There's something horrific about waking up and finding a new blemish. There's something even more traumatizing for an adult that wakes up to this greeting in the mirror. The appearance of adult acne, however, is a pretty common one. That's correct, acne isn't just for teens anymore. Adult acne is simply a fact of life for many, even in their 30s, 40s and beyond.

To help ease the shock, we’ve put together some of the top questions and answers surrounding the mystery that’s known as adult acne.

So what is adult acne? It's basically the same things as teen acne. It's characterized by breakouts and blemishes on the face, neck, back, chest and so on. It can include blackheads, whiteheads or a combination of the two.

What causes adult acne? Basically, the same things that make teen acne show up. This means a big glob of gunk – debris, keratin, oil and even fat – that gets trapped in a hair duct. Known as a comedo, this is nothing more than a pimple. A clogged duct that's exposed shows up as a blackhead. One that's sealed over is a white head. Either way, it's acne and it's not fun. The actual causes of both forms of acne are such things as hormones, infection, medication reactions and even a hair duct that's faulty. It is not caused by a lack of cleanliness or overeating chocolate or cheesecake.

How do you care for skin that's prone to adult acne? Again, the same way you handle teen skin that's prone to acne. Careful cleansing twice a day and more when necessary. Scrubbing and popping are not recommended as these can make acne worse. Also top on the avoid list is over washing for the same reason. It doesn’t make the skin cleaner. It can make it look a whole lost worse. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, as well. This can make acne prone skin look better at first, but the effects won’t last. In fact, it can actually make the skin look worse in the long run.

Can medications help adult acne? Yes. Many of the same medications that teens buy over the counter or get from medical professionals can help in moderate to severe cases of adult acne. A wait and see sort of approach might be in order for mild cases.

Can adult acne be avoided? Not necessarily. Sometimes it just happens. Whether it's hormones, heredity or just bad luck, completely avoiding adult acne isn't always possible.

Can adult acne lead to scarring? Unfortunately, yes. Just like teen acne, this unfortunate side effect can occur. Avoid popping, smashing or scraping pimples and seek professional help for the removal of blackheads if they are particularly troublesome to avoid scarring.

Waking up at 40 to a face full of pimples can come as quite a shock. The truth is adult acne is a fairly common problem that can have some viable treatment options. Proceed with caution in dealing with it, however. Mild cases can likely be treated effectively at home with over the counter medications or just time. Severe cases might require some professional assistance to tackle.

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