Acne Skin Care Should be Approached with Caution

It's very tempting for someone facing a bad acne breakout to want to wash their face until the blemishes go away. The sad fact of the matter is, however, that this just won't do the trick. The best way to tackle the issue, or at least protect oneself from adding insult to injury, is to follow a smart acne skin care routine.

There are many myths surrounding this condition that’s known for its very visible symptoms. Whether they come in whitehead or blackhead form or a combination of the two, acne breakouts should be handled with care. This means following a good acne skin care routine on a daily basis. The condition is not caused by a not washing one’s face too much, however, so over washing is not needed to fix it. In fact, that can actually make it worse!

Anyone suffering from acne should remember to wash their face on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean scrubbing it around the clock though. A good acne skin care routine will involve two regular washings a day with a mild cleansing agent. Occasional in between cleansings are okay, too, but not all the time.

When washing the face, those following a good acne skin care routine should remember to take care not to scrape, scrub or pop breakouts as this can actually worsen the condition. The use of a mild soap or cleanser that doesn't leave behind a filmy residue is also important.

In addition to a good cleansing routine, acne skin care should also include a few other rules of the road. These include:

Keep hands off. It's never an advised part of a good acne skin care routine to touch or pop pimples or effected skin. Resist the urge, at all costs, to pop or scrape breakouts as this can lead to permanent scarring, which won't go away no matter how good a skin care routine is.

Seek assistance for bad cases. While there's no 100-percent-known cure for the condition, when breakouts are particularly bad, the medical field can sometimes help a person avoid permanent damage. Doctors can often add to an acne skin care routine products and/or medications that can’t be purchased over the counter.

Avoid the sun. While the sun might make acne prone skin look better for a time, it won't for long. Sunburned or dried out skin can actually be more prone to breakouts, which isn't what anyone wants. Plus, too much exposure to the sun is just plain bad for the skin in general. To follow an especially good acne skin care routine, it's important to avoid burning, peeling and drying out. Your skin will thank you for it.

Choose makeup wisely. A good acne skin care routine that doesn't include smart makeup choices might as well not be followed. To protect the skin, look for makeup products that are oil free and preferably natural. Look for labels that say they are hypoallergenic or at least noncomedogenic.

Living with acne prone skin isn't a fun proposition. But, when a good acne skin care routine is brought into play, it's very possible the condition won’t last long.

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