An Acne Cure Can't be Guaranteed

No one living with the embarrassment of a bad case of acne wants to know there isn't a 100-percent guaranteed cure out there. This is the sad fact of reality, however. The good news is that there are a lot of very viable treatment options. It's possible among these to find an acne cure for a particular case.

The reason why there isn't a foolproof acne cure available is that acne is a condition that can have many potential causes. Everything from heredity and hormones to pregnancy and prescription medications has been shown to cause acne. With this in mind, it's best to take an individual approach to finding what works and what doesn't to cure or at the very least curtail acne breakouts.

Fortunately for those who suffer from acne, there are some very good alternatives available to help them in the quest to get this condition under wraps. Among them many people will find their own personal acne cure. Remember though, that what works for one person might not for another. It's a process of trial and error. The process can be psychologically painful if the acne is particularly bad, but when a good remedy is found, the time invested will be worth it.

Looking for a good acne cure for a particular person can involve a number of different treatment routes. The goal of these shouldn't necessarily be a cure, but at the very least to curb breakouts and prevent scarring. The options include such things as:

Time: A minor breakout might not necessarily require a full-blown acne cure. When a pimple or two appears, but no more, a careful approach should be used. It's not really necessary to run out and buy a lot of harsh agents to tackle the problem. Time and a smart skin care routine that involves mild cleansing twice a day, avoidance of the sun and so on will generally do the trick. This might not be what the person dealing with the pimples wants to hear, but what's the point in trying different creams and gels that might dry out the skin and make it worse when a single pimple will likely go away on its own in a few days?

Drug store medicines: There are some great acne cure options on the market that anyone can get their hands on. From creams and pads to gels and liquids, the variety of acne treatments in drug stores can be staggering. Since many of these do dry out the skin, it's best to take a cautious approach to their use. Read the directions and follow them while paying attention for the appearance of any potential side effects. Some of these medications will work very well for some, but not for others.

Prescription drugs: Doctors have a variety of potential acne cure medications at their disposal. These tend to be more harsh than the drugs found in regular stores and are not generally worth the trouble for those with mild breakouts. Those with severe and even moderate conditions, however, might want to consider this route to help them avoid potential permanent ramifications, such as scarring.

Herbal cures: There are many herbal medicines and natural acne cure choices available. These can range from homemade remedies to those purchased in a store. These cures can work for some people quite well, but not in all cases.

The one thing that's true for pretty much everyone who suffers from breakouts is that a good acne cure is desired. Finding what's right, however, could take some time. Caution and patience should guide the search for an acne cure.

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